Butterfly Kit

Butterfly Kit

Butterfly Kit Previous Next We observed and discussed the life cycle of a butterfly & etc. We released them and also discussed why we had to release them. We also reviewed what they would eat and how once released. The children really enjoyed! 

Icy Snowman


Making Snowman Is Fun Previous Next In this activity, we built a snowman out of ice. We tried  different ways to melt him. As we are coming to the end of our ‘Winter’ lessons, we decided to have a snowball fight. We discussed how we use snowballs to make our snowmen as well as other […]

Ladybug Observations


Ladybug Observations Previous Next We placed magnifying glasses by the ladybug habitat in the science center. Children can observe what is happening within the habitat. Encourage the children to discuss their observations.  

Cooking Easter Egg Cookies

Easter Egg Cookies

Cooking Easter Egg Cookies Previous image Next image The children were encourage to decorate their easter egg cookie using various materials from different color icing to different size/color of sprinkles. As we worked on our cookies we discussed why we needed to add our icing first then our sprinkles and candy pieces. Once the children […]

Easter Sensory Basket

Easter Sensory Basket

Easter Sensory Basket Previous image Next image In the baby room, we created an Easter sensory basket. We used Easter eggs and soft plush toys for the babies to be able to Scoop up with there hands. Which is the milestone we are working on this week.

Dyeing Easter Eggs

Easter Egg

Dyeing Easter Eggs Previous Next Kids excitedly dyed Easter eggs. While doing so, we discussed the process to dye them, and named our colors that we saw in the cups provided. Each child was able to choose the colors of their choice. 

Puddle Jumping

Puddle Jumping

Puddle Jumping Previous image Next image We placed “puddles” on the floor and let children take turns jumping to each one. This can be done by having kids go one at a time, with the teacher calling out which puddle to jump to. Alternatively, have a few children go at a time, calling out the […]

Gross Motor Skills and Shamrock Balance Beam

Gross Motor Skills and Shamrock Balance Beam

Gross Motor Skills and and Shamrock Balance Beam Previous image Next image The children were encouraged to walk heel to toe on a straight line of shamrocks. We pretended that we were high up in the air and did not want to fall so we had to try to keep our balance, even if that meant […]

Grinch Goo at Happy Bunnies

IMG 0554 blurr 1

Making Grinch Goo With Jello Previous Next In this activity we made Grinch Goo! I prepared red and green sugar free Jello and cut it into small cubes, we added a few drops of peppermint oil for smell.  We put it all together into one bin and let the children explore. In this activity we […]

Cooking Gingerbread Man Cookies

Gingerbread man cookies

Cooking Gingerbread Man Cookies Previous Next Cooking | Gingerbread Man Cookies: Today we made gingerbread cookies, the children got to see the whole process and help adding the ingredients. We also discussed how the spices smelled as we adding them to the bowl. My friends were able to help me mix it as well, we heated […]

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