Creating One Eyed Monster

One Eyed Monster 1

Creating One-Eyed Monster It was a One Eyed one Horned flying purple eater. We created a one eyed monster and filled it with purple pom poms. We let the babies either shake the box or put their hands in and grab for the pom poms. This used the babies problem solving skills. How you may […]

Pumpkin Lovers

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Pumpkins Lovers Older Babies learned all about Pumpkins today  Using all 5 senses Touch,Taste,Feel,Smell, and Sight to learn the ins and outs about those weighted orange Pumpkins.  We weren’t really sure about the inside but had a ball painting the outside using hand and eye coordination. What color is the pumpkin?What shape is the pumpkin?Do […]

Fall Themed Sensory Bags

Sensory Bags

Fall-Themed Sensory Bags We had our friends creating the very own fall themed sensory bags!!!! it consisted of food, coloring, pom-poms, sparkles, plastic charms, fabric leaves, and hair gel!!! They each got to pick all of their add ins as we discussed all the different colors that come along with fall such as ORANGE  RED   BROWN  AND […]

Puffy Paint Pumpkin


Puffy Paint Pumpkin For our WOW activity, we created puffy paint pumpkins. We created Puffy paint with shaving cream, Elmer’s glue and orange paint. The texture is a thick and sticky texture which the babies noticed right away. They would watch the mixture pull apart in their fingers. We also talked about the color orange […]

Making Invisible Ink


Making Invisible Prints For our WOW activity, we made invisible ink hand and footprints. We used warm water and baking soda. We asked the babies if they felt how warm the water was. We asked the babies if the warm water felt nice in between there toes. The baking soda left a weird texture on […]

Learning Different Textures

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Learning Different Textures In this WOW activity we did 2 activities. The first activity we made paper blocks. Ms Dez and Ms Mo made paper blocks with paper lunch bags and shredded paper to make the bags stiffer. The babies used Cognitive Development, by using cause and effect the babies realized they could build up […]

Extraterrestrial Activities

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Extraterrestrial Activities This week, the older babies have been dealing with extraterrestrial activity within the classroom!   We took a ride through the galaxy and practiced recognizing our letters and then painting them with a sponge for both sensory and motor skill development! Our mothership landed yesterday and the baby ships came in today!   They […]

Exploring Five Senses

5 senses Thumbnail

Exploring Five Senses The Older Babies classroom focused on our 5 senses Touch, Taste, Smell, Sight, and Sound with this fun Fruit Salad Yummy Yummy Party   We had a fruit salad by the beach day and it was awesome ! It was so colorful and the best part is the beach was Safe to eat […]

Recognizing Feelings And Emotions


Recognizing Feelings And Emotions The kiddos are recognizing their feelings and emotions on our chart board in class. This has been a real hit as the little ones use fine motor skills standing, reaching, pointing, and just over all expressing them selves on how they feel. This activity has been added to our daily routine […]

Milking Cows At Happy Bunnies

Milking Cows

Milking Cows At Happy Bunnies Our wow moment was “milking a cow”. This week’s activity was farm animals. We talked about the environment the farm animals live in and what are the things we do and one of them was milking a cow so we decided to interpret that into our activity of the week. […]

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