Happy Bunnies Child Care School – About Us

The story of Happy Bunnies Child Care School is actually a tale of schools in two countries – in the UK, as well as here in Austin, Texas.

We are Magdalena & Colin MacLeod, a husband and wife team who worked together for years to build the best possible places for little ones to start their education. The story of our schools is also the story of our own 2 kids who went there when they were little.

Magdalena MacLeod


“My name is Magdalena MacLeod and I’m the owner of Happy Bunnies – and Director of our school at Austin Oak Hill.

“I was born in Slovakia to a family that has been in the childhood education and teaching sector for generations. I trained as a day care & pre-school teacher and graduated from the Pedagogical Academy in 1993 with distinction.

“For the last 11 years, I have owned and operated my own childcare centers. I have spent my entire life working with children of pre-school age. The childhood programs at my school are unlike anything you will find at other child care providers.

About Us


We’ve run schools for many years. We started Magdalena’s chain in 2008 by taking over 3 well-established daycare centers and preschools near London, England. At that time, those 3 daycares had been running for 20 years.

The experience laid the foundation for our purpose-built early learning center in England and later in Austin, TX. 

In 2018, we took over the school in Austin’s Oak Hill. The previous owners, who had been running the school known as “Child’s Way” since 1993, were ready to retire. We got in touch through a mutual friend, and within a few months, Magdalena took over running the school.

Happy Kids on a Bench


Magdalena says:

“My ethos is simple, I love children, and I want to care for them in an environment that feels as close to home as possible. Happy Bunnies offers childcare that is home away from home. We learn through play, and we love and care for children like they are our own. 

“I’m a mom myself; my daughter Valerie is now 14, and my son Eddie is 11. Both were cared for at my schools in England. I strive to offer very loving and fun childcare. ”

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