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    • Happy Valentine’s from Ms Alina, Anna and Veronica!
      ??Happy February!!?? I would like to officially welcome Ms. Veronica to our classroom!! The babies and I love having her here!!? This month our themes will be feelings & emotions, love, mothers & their babies, the color red, and heart shapes.  Valentine’s Day is Thursday, February 14! It is an extra special day for me as it is my daughter Ms. Alyssa’s birthday! She will forever be my favorite Valentine’s Day gift!! To celebrate Valentine’s Day, let’s all wear red!!?? There’s lots of excitement in the infant room as all the babies are becoming more and more mobile!  We have a very active classroom and we LOVE it!!  We have 4 Infant Room Birthdays in February!! In the Older Infant Room two Babies turn 2!:                 Love Always, Ms. Alina??
    • January Magic at Happy Bunnies!
      2019 is truly under way and we started our new year fun strong and with full speed. We visited Wizard of Oz, listened to her story and wondered where we live ourselves. We had much fun comparing what we have at home, what pets we have and how we look after them. At the end of the week, we even built our own ginger bread house that we were allowed to take home and eat it all! It wasn’t a massive leap from Dorthy and her adventures onto Super hero theme. We talked about Good Food and Bad Food, what food we need to eat to grow big and strong as supper hero. To keep us going, we also had fun creating Popsicle Stick Heroes, Handprint Heroes, We flew with Superhero, looking at Google Earth talking about how streets and homes look from far above. What Heroes see when they fly over our Happy Bunnies School!
    • Happy Holidays Everyone!
      Can’t wait for Santa The Happy Bunnies team wishes you very Merry, Jolly and Happy Holidays! We had so much fun with your babies during our Christmas parties, we hope you can enjoy your time with your families and friends. We will see you again this Wednesday December 26th.
    • Monsters and Pumpkins, Doug Brought it All
      In a true Fall/Halloween fashion, Doug, our very own music teacher, played with our kiddos pretend games of monsters and pumpkin collecting. Yes, I know what a combination. One or the other, babies or pre-schoolers, they enjoyed it all! Later, we managed to go out and enjoy our precious Fall sun.
    • Happy Bunnies – Fall News
      Doesn’t time fly by when we are having fun! Fall is here and I can’t wait to see all the lovely fall themed artwork that your little children will create these next few weeks. Doug and His Music Lessons Doug’s lessons will continue as normal every second Wednesday, this month his lessons will fall on the October 10th and October 24th. Kids love his little song and fun games – their voices are always very excited when Doug comes along. Pizza Days We like to celebrate the end of fun filled week with a good pizza. This month, pizza is booked for October 12th and October 26th. All children will be offered some pizza so you might want to pack a bit less for your kiddos on those two days in October. Baby Fun We have been signing up many babies over the last few weeks and we see no signs of new registrations slowing down anytime soon. As we are all getting to know each other, Ms Alina planned many new activities for the month themed “All About Me”. We have been collecting family photos and displaying them for babies to enjoy. Babies love to point at them and repeat “Mama” and “Dada”. Mostly with older babies, we will be drawing around their hands and comparing their hand prints, we will be making art from their foot prints and if we can hold them still for a moment or two, we might even draw around their body. We can then talk about different shapes and sizes and how much fun we all have together. We will be exploring
    • Doug and His Music!
      We had a wonderful day today with Doug, he comes every two weeks and has so much fun with the children! They were playing musical statues today and were listening to his fun kiddy songs. We also learned different chords for the violin and he introduced us to his small keyboard as well. Some kids had a go at his several musical instruments too. If you are part of our Happy Bunnies Family and your child attends, make sure you look at our Baby’s Days diary, you will see some photos and videos.