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We are the highest-rated early learning center in Austin – with 5 stars across YelpGoogle and Facebook.

Five Star Rating across Google, Facebook, and Yelp

See real comments from our happy parents below!

Christopher Solarz

We have had our child at Happy Bunnies for 18 months. We've been extremely satisfied with the care and instruction she's received.

Owner Magdalena is very educated in early childhood development. She's also been accommodating with our schedule, and with classroom placement for our daughter. We like that the kids spend a fair amount of time playing outside weather permitting. Our daughter loves her teacher and classmates and will miss Miss May.

Among other teachers, Miss Elle, Miss Natalie and Miss Alina, have been kind and helpful. So many parents in South Austin/Oak Hill/DS area looking for good childcare or MDO-style daycare - this is a good option for you!

We would recommend Happy Bunnies to any of our friends.

Heather Woolwine

When searching for a daycare that is the best for your child, you want to make sure that it is absolutely perfect right? If you think about it, where you send your child to daycare is where your child is going to grow, learn, make new friends, and spend a majority of their time during the week. I was looking for a daycare whose philosophy was focused on play and developmental based, but with Happy Bunnies, I found more.

I found love and happiness for my girls. Nothing against the big chain daycares out there, but that’s not what i was looking for. I wanted a place that would focus on my kids as individuals, and not grouped in as a whole. The teachers love their kids and genuinely show that they care in so many ways.

Mallory Frick

We LOVE Happy Bunnies!!! They take such great care of our precious girl and she loves going. It was a big decision on finding the right place since she started right at 4 months old. She is now 16 months, and has done so well there. They really care about the kids and we couldn’t be more happy with our choice!!

So grateful to find a place that she gets excited about and sometimes even cries when it’s time to go! THANKS Happy Bunnies!!!!

Oak Hill Childcare Guarantee

The Happy Bunnies Guarantee

We’re certain you and your child will be 100% happy at Happy Bunnies.

If, for any reason, you are not completely delighted, simply let us know within your first two weeks.

We’ll refund your first month in full, including all registration fees.

NDNA Award • Texas Rising Star

Texas School Ready Logo
Texas Rising Star Logo

Happy Bunnies is Texas School Ready. This program is designed to prepare children in early grades for kindergarten. It provides high-quality early education services to children at risk, engaging mentors, collaborating on 182 principals’ evaluation and facilitating good early learning outcomes for children. 

We are a Texas Rising Star Certified childcare center. We also accept NCI through Texas Workforce.

Texas Rising Star 1

We are also delighted and honored to receive 4 Stars from Texas Rising Star, the highest award. This is only possible thanks to our great teachers and director!

Our child care school will continue to give parents the best child care services their children deserve.

Our goal is to create a happy, safe, and educational place for your little ones.

Explore the Award-wining Child Care School

Get a sense of the school’s commitment to quality care and education: If you are considering enrolling your child in an award-winning child care school, a virtual tour can help you feel more confident in your decision. By seeing the facilities, classrooms, and staff firsthand, you can see the school’s dedication to providing top-notch care and education for your child.

Happy Bunnies Child Care in Austin

 Welcome to Happy Bunnies Child Care School – purpose-built Austin child care in Oak Hill. It’s a happy place for happy children! 

This preschool was formerly known as Child’s Way Creative Learning Center and operated under that name from 1993. In 2018, it was taken over by Magdalena MacLeod and renamed Happy Bunnies Child Care School.

This is more than just Austin daycare. We follow the well-proven British curriculum, which establishes high-quality preschool education for all ages babies to pre K.

And yet, it’s a lot more affordable than you might imagine.

You get Director Magdalena MacLeod’s years of experience with this learning system.

It’s something unique, something no other preschool in Texas can match.

Child Care with WOW!

As a trusted child care school, we always aim to create a happy and loving home for all the children in our care.

To give more valuable and fun services to families who trust us, we are now doing different exciting and educational events each month. These activities will help us provide a fun-loving environment for our students.
See more of our WOW activities!


Summer Fun Day!

Summer Fun Day! What an incredible day we had at Happy Bunnies Child Care School on June 1st! Our Summer Fun Day was filled with

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PL Thumbnail

Pumpkin Lovers

Pumpkins Lovers Older Babies learned all about Pumpkins today  Using all 5 senses Touch,Taste,Feel,Smell, and Sight to learn the ins and outs about those weighted

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The Happy Bunnies Process

The Happy Bunnies Process

The Happy Bunnies Process revolves around your child’s care and education, tuned to their age group.

We have specific programs and lesson plans for:

      • Babies
      • Older Infants
      • Toddlers
      • Two-Year-Olds
      • Preschool – Three-Year-Olds
      • Preschool – Four-Year-Olds

…leading to your child’s successful graduation up to “big school”.

Experience shows that children who start at Happy Bunnies excel at school in later life!

Getting started just takes 3 simple steps:

  1. Get In Touch
    Call us, or use one of the Book a Tour buttons on this page to take the first step.
  2. Take a Tour
    Visit Happy Bunnies in person to see our facilities first-hand and make sure they are right for you and your child. Director Magdalena MacLeod will be there to show you around and answer any questions you may have in person.
    You will be able to book a trial session where your child can experience the school for themselves.
  3. Enroll
    On your visit, Magdalena will confirm the availability for your child’s age group.
    If we have a space, you can fill out the enrollment forms to secure it for your child. Otherwise, we ask that you join our waitlist to ensure you receive a space as soon as one becomes available.

Beyond Austin Daycare:
Unique Preschool Education

Kids that start at Happy Bunnies Austin child care excel at elementary schools later on.

Flag United Kingdom

High-Quality British Child Care Curriculum

High-Quality British Child Care Curriculum

Happy Bunnies is the only preschool in Texas to offer our unique experience with the highly regarded UK curriculum with Texas Rising Star accreditation in progress. You get quality child care for babies to preschoolers, ages 0 thru 5.
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Day Care Center Austin, Texas

Flexible Sessions – You Can Swap For Free!

Yes, You Can Swap Your Sessions!

Daycares & other early learning centers in Austin won't flex on times or dates.
We are different.
Parents have flexible needs, and we are happy to swap sessions for you. It's free.
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Day Care Center Austin, Texas

Great Location In West Austin's Oak Hill

Great Location
– Austin's Oak Hill

In 2018, we took over this purpose-built, fully licensed child care school in Austin.
The school has an excellent reputation and a great location, just off Highway 290 at the Y with Highway 71.
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Little toddler child, baby boy, playing with bunnies and easter eggs at home

Fun Steps in Learning

Fun Steps in Learning

Children at Happy Bunnies learn through having fun.
Our Oak Hill school is exciting.
Children who enjoy their environment engage better.
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Day Care Center Austin, Texas

A Structured System
Austin Child Care

A Structured System
Austin Child Care

Days at Happy Bunnies Child Care School are structured.
Kids consistently get the sense of well being they need. The working system establishes this, but it's fun! Your child's unique needs are met.
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Child Care School Oak Hill, Austin

A Home From Home

A Home From Home

Our Austin child care school is homey. We have small group sizes. You get the benefits of a well-organized Austin daycare chain (proven system) with the benefits of a small, private school (personal touch, family-style love & care).
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See for Yourself – Make It Happen

Get the star treatment.  School Director Magdalena MacLeod would love
to show you Happy Bunnies Austin child care facilities in person.

More than just day care, here you find high-quality child care programs designed to help your child develop and grow.

Happy Bunnies Child Care School in West Austin's Oak Hill

One of the highest-rated child care providers in Austin, the Happy Bunnies preschool still has some places – but it’s filling up fast! Right now, some rooms and age groups are on a first-come waiting list. However, registration is free and no-obligation. It’s essential you register now, so your childcare options are still open when you need them.

Homey, Welcoming Rooms – Family Run

We have several rooms, each with a unique atmosphere. You will appreciate our loving environment – our early learning center is family run and operated.

Rather than dealing with hired hands at a chain, you’re in the care of the owner-director, someone with decades of experience.

(Just read some of the parent reviews on this page!)

When the sun is shining, there’s a lovely, large playground and play area outside. Once or twice a year, Magdalena organizes field trips for the school. We even have a little plot where the children can plant their own flowers and vegetables.

Click here for more info on our location in Oak Hill. 

See Actual Rates for Austin Child Care

Many schools hide pricing for their day care, but you can find Travis County child care rates right here on the website.

Click here for actual rates at the Austin preschool now. 

Claim Your Free Starter Session Right Now

Places are going fast. Certain days and age groups at this Austin child care center already have a waiting list. Reserve your high-quality child care now.

We offer you a free starter session for your child at a date that’s right for them and you.

The first step is to book a meeting with Magdalena.

Just click the button below.

Common Parent Questions

How much is daycare in Austin, TX?

Many day child care providers in Austin shy away from answering this question.

At Happy Bunnies Child Care School, you’ll always find our actual rates and pricing here.

How many hours can a child be in daycare in Texas?

We provide full-time care for kids from Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 5 pm. You can choose from 2, 3, or 5 days per week.

If you want full-time care, we have you covered, but you can book just half-days too.

See all the options on Austin child care with actual rates here.

What protections do you have in place for Coronavirus/COVID-19?

This is a difficult time for many people and, as an essential service provider, we decided to stay open for the community. Right now, we are open, providing child care services as normal.

There are particular measures we have in place to allow us to stay operating safely:

  • Only people with a valid reason to enter are allowed into the building.
  • All adults entering the Happy Bunnies Child Care School must wear a mask.
  • All adults & children have their temperatures taken using a distance measuring device daily on entry.
  • All visitors must use the provided hand sanitizer on entering the building.
  • Surfaces are sanitized after each use.
  • The children wash hands every two hours or at transitioning.
  • The bathroom is sanitized after each child.
  • We sanitize surfaces when children transition from one area to another or after use.

What is a good ratio for daycare?

It depends on age, but in all cases, Happy Bunnies Child Care School goes above and beyond the Texas state mandatory child ratio.

This is exceptional – not all preschools do this (many Austin daycares struggle even to match state-mandated minimums).

Compare Happy Bunnies’ ratios here against the state minimum:

Age GroupOur RatioTexas Min. Ratio
0 - 12 mths3:14:1
13 - 20 mths5:16:1
21 - 30 mths8:111:1
31 - 60 mths11:115:1

What is your cancellation policy at your Austin child care center?

Circumstances change. You might need to move location, for example. When it is time for you to move on, we need 30 days’ written notice to rearrange staffing or make your place available to someone else.

If you’re worried about starting and whether we’re a fit, we provide a long settling-in period – as long as you require. We typically only enforce the cancellation period after one month (longer if agreed upfront).

What is the best preschool in Austin, TX?

Inevitably, we’re biased because we love our Austin child care school, but it does depend. There are many options out there, and some cater specifically for unique cases such as language immersion or low-income families.

We compiled a list of over 100 Austin child care schools, which we distilled down into a summary right here.

The best thing for you is to come and talk with Director Magdalena MacLeod. She has many years of experience, and her priority will always be to find the right school for you.

Book a meeting on Magdalena’s calendar here.

Day Care Center Austin, TX