Milking Cows At Happy Bunnies

Our wow moment was “milking a cow”. This week’s activity was farm animals. We talked about the environment the farm animals live in and what are the things we do and one of them was milking a cow so we decided to interpret that into our activity of the week.

We used some cardboard as our body. We printed out a cow print out to stick on our cardboard. We used a glove for the cow’s udder. Inside the glove we put powdered milk mixed with water. We poked small holes in the udder of the cow so that the milk flowed.

During this activity we addressed our sensory skills when feeling the texture of the glove. We also used hand coordination to milk a cow and hand strength to pull. This was a very fun activity and the kids enjoyed it very much ! :cow2: :sunny:

Picture of Miss Desiree G.

Miss Desiree G.

Teacher (18 - 24 months)

Day Care Center Austin, TX