Child Care for Nurses, Shift Work, and Non-Traditional Schedules

Flexible to Your Needs

If your hours aren’t always the same, Happy Bunnies Child Care School is uniquely flexible for your time planning. You can swap your sessions, and we’ll flex the schedule to suit YOU.  

Working to your Schedule

Check the terms of other childcare centers and playgroups out there – you’ll find that most of them won’t flex on times or dates. Very few early learning centers or daycares allow you to swap days you would have missed otherwise. You only rarely find specialized child care for nurses or for other people who simply want to flex their hours. 

At Happy Bunnies, we try very hard to work with you. When there’s a public holiday, for example, of course we do still have to pay our staff – just like any other school. However, if you’d like to swap the session and we have a space, at Happy Bunnies we can do this for you at no extra charge.

We never consider the business side of our daycares and preschools to be our primary goal. Our parents have flexible needs. We are a family-run business with strong relationships with all our parents. We therefore offer benefits no other place would.

Our Flexible Schedule Approach Helps You in 3 Key Ways:

Dealing with One-Offs

Whether you want to change a session once-off, or you work shifts and need to come at unusual times, we work with you.

All we require is one week’s notice and we can move your children’s sessions around.

Working to Your Hours

Uniquely, with us you can book one-off swaps, and we replace legal holidays. We accommodate parents with shift work patterns – such as child care for nurses.

You can can book and use half day or full day sessions.

Make it Work for You

Ultimately, our flexible approach saves you money. You can relax knowing you are getting the most out of the time you have at Happy Bunnies.

Child care is expensive – but we make sure you get every benefit possible from your investment.

Perfect Child Care for Nurses

Perfect for Shift Workers

Perfect for Your Variable Schedule

OK, it sounds good, but how will it really work for you?
Here's what other parents have found:


My son has been going to Happy Bunnies for over 2 years now and we are very happy with the day care. The caring teachers and flexible hours have been great and I see constant improvements at the school. My son is very sad to be leaving to go to public school this Fall! He has made great friends there and has loved all of his teachers.

Jessica Rider

Happy Bunnies is filled with a genuine and loving staff which makes this mom feel so lucky. My toddler is so happy every morning at drop off and is thriving in his class. The owner and teachers have gone above and beyond with compassion and care for my family. I could not recommend this place more!

Carolyn Zuiker

My son has been going to Happy Bunnies since he was 8 months old and he is now 2.5 yrs. We have been nothing but happy about our experience!! The teachers truly love the kids, they are kind, loving and give the babies and toddlers tons of cuddles and comfort, and the owner, Magdalena, is wonderful.

They are extremely flexible with scheduling. I am a nurse and work 2 shifts a week, and they can accommodate my ever-changing schedule without any issue at all. While the building may not be the “fanciest” what really matters is the people inside and they are like family now. Happy Bunnies has been the biggest blessing to our family, and we love them and recommend them to anyone!

Janelle Pfaff Calloway

What You Get When You Book a Tour Today

Nothing beats the experience of coming to see for yourself. Take the chance to view the Happy Bunnies early learning center yourself, in person. You will meet the staff – and bitcoin mixer see how much other children love Happy Bunnies.

Whether you have flexible scheduling needs, are looking for child care for nurses or if you have other questions or needs, Director Magdalena MacLeod will be there for you to answer all your questions.

It also gives you the chance to schedule the next step. We are flexible and offer free starter sessions, a chance for you and your child to make sure Happy Bunnies is right for you.

Child Care For Nurses

Whatever Your Schedule, We Can Help

It can be tough to find child care for nurses or other health workers – but we appreciate they are not the only ones with flexible needs. Some shift workers find it hard to find a daycare that can accommodate them. Likewise, stay-at-home parents may need the school to flex hours to fit in with their calendar.

How Do I Swap Sessions at Happy Bunnies Child Care School?

When we have the capacity, we do this as often as we can for you. The process straightforward – you talk with Director Magdalena MacLeod, and she moves your slot to another day!

Just get in touch with us to find out more.

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