Learning Different Textures

In this WOW activity we did 2 activities. The first activity we made paper blocks. Ms Dez and Ms Mo made paper blocks with paper lunch bags and shredded paper to make the bags stiffer. The babies used Cognitive Development, by using cause and effect the babies realized they could build up the blocks to create towers to knock them down. They figured out they could grab the blocks bang them and turn them over and bang them against the floor which is one of the milestones the babies were working on this week.

The second activity we did was squeeze the sponge. We took warm water and let the babies play in the warm water, and squeeze the water out the sponges. We always want to continue to develop our babies pincers skills. Another milestone the babies met was grab another item another baby has. The babies absolutely loved the different texture from the sponges. We also described how warm the water was and how squishy the sponges were.

Picture of Miss Desiree

Miss Desiree

Teacher (Infants - Younger Babies)

Day Care Center Austin, TX