The Week Ahead – February Week 1, 2021

Starting new this week! We’re trialing a new format for our blog updates. We hope you enjoy the new approach!

Baby Room

Hi lovely parents,

Babies during Valentine’s day theme will be learning some new signs from our sign language list of common signs to use with babies. We will be practicing the “thank you”, “please” and “I love you” signs the most.

There will be some cool Valentine’s day cards going home too that your babies will make for you.

Older Infants (13m - 20m)

Hi parents,

We are so excited to have you back! This week will be our start to Valentine’s day theme, and it will end on February 14th.

We will be doing lots of artwork involving hearts and red color; we will be learning about our feelings and how to be kind to each other.

We will also have a puppet show that will give us a nice finale to our Valentine’s theme.

Toddlers (20m - 36m)

This Valentine’s week, we will be exploring our emotions. We will use pictures to show and name different emotions and imitate them by using emotion puppets. 

We have some new children joining us this month in our room, so we will be getting to know each other and make some new friends.

Pre-School Room

Hi Parents,
I am Ms. Tasha, and I am new to our preschool. Some of you may know me from our Toddler Room; for some, I am new. Please don’t hesitate to ask me if you would like to say, “Hi.”

The next two weeks are Valentine’s weeks. During our first week in February, we will be practicing our good manners, reading stories about the importance of polite behavior.

The second week in February will be all about friendships and being inclusive while playing with our friends. We will finish Valentine’s theme with a small party.




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