Barton Creek Daycare

Happy Bunnies Child Care School is very near Barton Creek, and we have a number of parents who travel from there. it’s just a short trip along Highway 290.

We’re located in a peaceful neighborhood, behind Oak Hill Plaza – right on the “Y” intersection with Highway 71. Scroll down for directions to Happy Bunnies from Barton Creek, or see more about our Oak Hill location here

About Barton Creek

The Austin metro area is growing at an unprecedented pace. Yet, Barton Creek Habitat Preserve remains an important part of protecting water quality, conserving natural habitat, and protecting Texas’ unique wildlife.

If you want to work in Austin but still live outside the city, Barton Creek is a good choice. Very few communities offer quick access to Austin while remaining separate, and offer the openness of a small city that is part of what makes Austin such a unique place

Founded in 1994 with funding from the Endangered Species Act, the Texas Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Barton Creek habitat is one of only a handful of protected areas in Texas. It is managed through the US Wildlife Conservation Act and the required fire safety regulations.

The Barton Creek Habitat Preserve and the protected areas around the creek are located to the south – in downtown Austin and consist of 12 km of hiking trails totaling approximately 7 km. The main trail is approximately 7 km long. A perfect place for beginners to get going, the entrance to the Greenbelt is a relaxing hike known as the Trailhead of the Barton Creek Greenbelt. It is surrounded by the Texas Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TXDNR). 

The calm waters of Barton Creek flow through the reserve, replenishing the Edwards Aquifer, providing drinking water to Central Texas residents, and protecting the endangered Barton Springs salamander. The Texas Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TXDNR) water resources are being protected and recharged. Besides, parts of the Barton Creek Habitat Preserve provide habitat for black-crested viruses and other prey species such as red-legged birds. The Lower Barton, the Creek Greenbelt, offers year-round water sports, from kayaking down the creek to fishing, swimming, canoeing, and swimming in the drains – fed by springs. 

At the same time, there are plenty of outdoor spaces and outdoor areas to enjoy and there is plenty to entertain children and families without having to drive very far. Barton Creek is just 7 miles from downtown Austin, and the city of Austin is just a short drive away. In the surrounding area there are a variety of restaurants, bars, shops and restaurants as well as a number of parks and playgrounds.


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At Happy Bunnies Child Care School, we find that children come from quite a wide area, drawn by the school’s excellent location and unique curriculum.

If you have questions or would like ot find out more, it’s easiest to book some time in Director Magdalena MacLeod’s calendar. Press the button below. She’ll answer all of your questions and be happy to show you how well it could work for you.

We offer trial starter sessions – that will let you get to see just how well it could work for you.

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