Christmas at Happy Bunnies!

Happy Holidays
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Winter is here and without night walkers or dragons…what a pity.

Last month we visited community helpers, talked about families and food that we grow in the fall. We also talked about family celebrations.
We will continue to discuss family celebrations, family diversity and how we might be celebrating our upcoming holidays. We will be chatting a lot about different holidays in December. Just an FYI we are already talking about why some of us do not have Christmas trees.

The children will each go home with a holiday gift bag from ‘Santa’…because Santa does not recognize religion…look it up, its a fact.
We will be having a holiday party on Thursday November 19th, that is next week Thursday, watch for our party ‘want’ list for our fairyland feast. We will be featuring ‘fairy  food’ such as Cookie Fairie Masks, Fairie Fruit Wands (fruit roll ups), Sugar Cone Fairie Hats (sugar cones filled with pudding), Fruity Fairie Castles (built from strawberries and melons), Raindrop Punch and sugar plum fairies (plums and other fruit) … yes, small fingers should have magic foods.

This coming month you will see some changes at the center. Our Pre K classroom is in the process of obtaining a new look. We took our tired looking resources out of the room to make way for the four star Texas Rising Star program resources. This new year will also bring some educational changes as well. In order to prepare your child better for their Kinder adventures, we joined the Texas School Ready program so we are even better educators to your family. CIRCLE Phonological Awareness is my current course schedule and will become part of our structured classroom experience. 

Please, if you like our school and are happy with our performance I would ask that you go to our Facebook page, to yelp, google, or your favorite social media site of choice and leave us a review. These reviews are important to our school enrollment and will keep the cost of tuition down in the upcoming year. Currently enrollment is the ONLY funding this school has and the sole source for new resources in the classroom, maintenance on our facilities, and of course your teacher’s salaries. By assisting us to keep our enrollment up we can keep your future tuition cost down. Thank you, as always, for your continued support.

Happy Holidays and December from your Happy Bunnies Staff



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