Babies in November!

Hi Parents and friends of Happy Bunnies babies. Welcome to our November Newsletter. 

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Last month’s color theme was very successful, we and our babies really enjoyed playing with toys that have different colors and a huge thank you to all of you who managed to dress your babies in clothes with colors of the day and week! We took some amazing photos, I hope you saw them on our Baby’s Days Gallery. 

We are trully excited about November month too. We will continue to develop and improve our “Floor Play Centers”. We are taking lots of courses on the subject and are filled with new ideas. One theme is to introduce as many real objects in our tresure baskets as possible. In this world when everything seems to be plastic, babies love exploring real materials such as wood, brushes, real clothes, steel spoons and so on. We will be looking at these items, touching them, shaking them and of course listen to sounds these cool objects make. 

Turkey Running Small

We will, of course, continue with our “Fall” theme and of course “Thanksgiving”!  Some very cool artwork is coming!

We have many babies on the verge of their next physical milestone so we will be working on encouraging those through play in our different floor play centers. We prepared our room for climbing, walking, crawling too. Of course, obstacle course is not missing either. We have two babies moving graduating into our Infant room next month so we started transitioning them early by visiting Ms Ramona so that those children that are moving can start getting used to the new room, children and teachers. It is going smoothingly well. So much to see and so much to do. I am sure, Ms Alina and Ms Katie will miss their “big babies” very much. 

Please don’t forget, We will be closed for the Thanksgiving Holiday on November 28th and 29th. 

Happy Thanksgiving!!




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