Getting Ready for Thanksgiving in Preschool

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Now, we are getting ready for Thanksgiving in preschool. We had so much fun with all the Halloween arts and crafts this October, and I loved how festive everyone was!

This November we will be focusing more on holistic learning. Our pre-schoolers will be able to shape the learning towards their interests and desire to learn. We have our themes set for the months, I will ask our little friends during circle time what they would like to learn & I write their suggestions on the white board. We will gear all our fun filled activities towards suggestions children will come up with. 

This has proven to be super effective because they want to learn and look forward to coming to school to do the lessons that they picked. Books, music, rhymes, math and counting won’t be missing either! 

We will be introducing more vocabulary words at the beginning of every week and go over their meanings repeatedly throughout the week and explain them in different ways. They can play with their newly acquired words within the context of casual talk and sensory, experiential, and tactile learning. We will also continue to work on matching capital letters with lower case letters with our stamp collection, letter cut outs, and magnetic ABCs.

I will help steer these November themes towards festive foods, family, and learning about the Thanksgiving holiday. Look forward to lots of holiday themed projects like pumpkin pie math, letters giving thanks, and little turkey creations from your terrific turkeys!




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