Family, Harvest, Halloween, and More!

Baby Sleeping Pumpkin Small 1

We wrapped up October with some fun-filled Fall/Halloween themed activities.

First, we explored all things pumpkins. We discovered pumpkins’ textures, counting pumpkins, and painting pumpkins, which hopefully everyone was sent home with such an awesome pumpkin! We learned about bats and owls, how they fly, and what kind of sound they make! We took the time to explore our creepy crawlies and real-life bugs! They had and have such natural curiosity about the world around them. And it was so fun having them look at such awesome bugs to everything from beetles to complex bugs like rare spiders! We, of course, ended the last week of October with lots of Halloween fun. Everyone came in such amazing costumes! 

For November, we will be diving into themes such as family and harvest, learning about the weather, and most importantly, showing acts of kindness (which we always, always encourage in our classroom) This month, we want to buckle down on showing how nice we can be to our friends with ways such as soft hugs, sharing and knowing that when we hurt our friends, it makes us sad. We will also be doing fun activities that include Thanksgiving themes.

For the sign of the month, we will continue working on thank you to show we are thankful for the little things such as helping clean up or saying or showing please




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