South Austin Daycare: What sets Happy Bunnies Apart

If you’re looking for a South Austin daycare, you’ll want to consider Happy Bunnies. Happy Bunnies is a licensed childcare center that provides high-quality schooling for children aged 6 weeks to 5 years old. We offer a variety of programming options, including full-day and half-day options.

What Sets Us Apart

At Happy Bunnies, we want to help South Austin parents find the right childcare solution for their families. We believe that starts by providing excellent service and unique programs that set us apart from other south Austin daycare centers.

Our South Austin daycare offers a range of exciting, stimulating activities to help your child grow both mentally and physically. Our teachers connect age-appropriate lessons to the real world, so children experience early science education first-hand as they tend to our garden or observe insects outside through magnifying glasses!

Happy Bunnies has been recognized as a leader in high-quality early learning and care, best practices for infant/toddler programming, and developmentally appropriate courses at the local and national levels.

Having a South Austin daycare center close to home is just the beginning. Your ideal South Austin childcare facility should offer your child a rounded education.

Happy Bunnies’ children enjoy a stimulating curriculum that includes music, art, movement, language, math, science, social studies, and physical activity. The teachers at Happy Bunnies are trained professionals who know how to handle young children.

Children who attend Happy Bunnies excel at elementary school later in life!

We hope that our combination of experienced and dedicated teachers, stimulating environments, and commitment to excellence will make Happy Bunnies your top choice for south Austin daycare.

Happy Bunnies provides South Austin parents with a quality service for their kids while considering convenience and comfortability. If South Austin daycares are what you’re looking for, Happy Bunnies tops them all!

South Austin Daycare vs. South Austin Preschool - What's the Difference?

“South Austin Daycare” and “South Austin Preschool” describe educational institutions for young children. Parents often use these terms interchangeably, but there are some critical differences between the two.

Daycare is typically more geared towards providing care for children, whereas a preschool is more focused on teaching children the basics they need to know before starting kindergarten. This can include colors, shapes, and lead right up to many subjects such as numeracy, geography, language, and communication skills.

Our advanced preschool curriculum ensures that your child is not only safe and taken care of, they are also developing, learning, and growing all the time they are at our prestigious South Austin, child care school.

And yet, many parents find our South Austin Daycare pricing is a more affordable child care program than they might expect – given both the school’s reputation and the unique EYFS learning curriculum.

Traditionally, South Austin preschools cater to children ages 2 and higher – but at Happy Bunnies, we start learning much younger than that. The learning begins from the moment your child starts at our school.

We usually prefer the term “preschool” for children attending Happy Bunnies for all these reasons. However, parents often search the internet for “South Austin Daycare,” and we want them to find our information too – so in this article, we’ll use the terms interchangeably.

Looking for Child Care in South Austin?

Whether you prefer to say “South Austin daycare” or “South Austin Preschool,” Happy Bunnies Child Care School is a great place to enroll your child that encourages your child every step of the way.

Happy Bunnies offers a range of programming options, including full-day and half-day care. Flexible hours are available. Our teachers are licensed and experienced, and they strive to create a stimulating environment where children can learn and grow.

We’ve got a lot of excellent facilities, including a dedicated playground with interesting playscapes and plenty of room for kids to run around. We also have a dedicated food area where children can enjoy their meals with other kids.

We believe in the importance of socialization, so we encourage kids to play outside and interact with each other during mealtime. Our spacious playground is another great place for them to do this.

Our cooperative preschool curriculum is based on the internationally recognized EYFS curriculum, ensuring that your child is getting the best possible education.

We also have a range of educational toys to keep children engaged and fun arts and crafts.

All this is great, but most importantly – your child will feel safe, secure, and loved at Happy Bunnies.

Our Location & Easy Access from Across South Austin

Happy Bunnies is located in Oak Hill – directly behind the Oak Hill Plaza shopping center. It’s on a quiet street, is easy to find and has plenty of parking.

We’re close to the “Y” intersection between highways 70 and 290, so it’s easy to get to us from most neighborhoods in the area.

All About South Austin

South Austin is a family-friendly area with several daycares. This section looks across the area, giving a general introduction to its other attractions and landmarks.

Voted the best place to live in Texas for many years, South Austin is home to Barton Springs Pool, one of Central Texas’s most popular attractions. The 315-acre pool is fed by underground springs and runoff from the Barton Creek Greenbelt, a 7.5 mile stretch of trails frequented by hikers, joggers, cyclists, and tubing enthusiasts alike.

The area south of Slaughter Lane is a part of south-central Austin called the Bouldin Creek neighborhood. Several small south Austin communities are lining South Congress Avenue, including Travis Heights and Bryker Woods.

South Lamar Boulevard has been dubbed “SoLa,” with local restaurants and shops south of Ben White Boulevard attracting many South-Austinites. South Congress Avenue (“SoCo”) draws many south Austinites. The south Congress region was connected to downtown so easily within the past decade, and it now feels like a self-contained community.

South Congress has seen an increase in population, with so much new construction in recent years – but it remains a laid-back street known for its old houses, eclectic shops and eateries, and historic large trees that provide shade and shelter from the summer heat. The road south of the University offers trendy clothing stores, vintage bookshops, and hip eateries catering to students.

The Broken Spoke is a landmark hosting musicians and dance nights for over 50 years. The venue is 3,000 square feet and includes a large dance floor, bar, and stage.

Happy Bunnies is located in Oak Hill, a large area south of the river. It’s made up of several neighborhoods, including Legend Oaks, West Oak Hill, Hills of Texas, and Ridgetop. There are also several south Austin daycare centers in the area.

Oak Hill is home to many families, and there are plenty of things for families to do in the area. There is a large park with a swimming pool, playgrounds, and a basketball court. The YMCA is also located in Oak Hill and offers programs for kids and adults.

The area is multiplying, and many new South Austin daycare centers are popping up to meet the families’ needs. However, most parents find that our proven history of education and loving care sets Happy Bunnies apart from many of these newer daycares. This is confirmed by our consistent five-star reviews on Google and Facebook!

Happy Bunnies South Austin daycare offers a safe and fun learning environment for children from across the area.

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If you’re looking for a South Austin daycare that is nurturing, educational and fun, then be sure to check out Happy Bunnies Child Care School!

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