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Summer Fun
While Summer is in full swing

We are having a great time! Last month we worked on phonemic awareness for the literacy foundation. They are working on communicating every day by expressing ideas, understanding each other, and problem-solving. One of my favorite projects in July was building our very own castle! Children demonstrated enthusiasm, independence, problem-solving but, most of all, imagination. We still play with the castle we made. 

This month we will continue with speaking and listening skills. We will be doing lots of fun cooking activities and arts and craft projects that go with the books we are reading. They are getting active with dancing, hula hooping, yoga, and playing outside every day. Alongside planned activities, our children can choose extra activities and thus decide what goes into their schedule daily. 
One of my daily oral communication strategies is making up a creative story using children’s imagination. Together we create a story discussing the where, what, when, and who. I make up fun details after they choose topics that they can relate to. Another strategy is looking at pictures and asking them to describe what they think is happening based on the imagery. Practicing oral communication skills is always very fun and interesting! 
Please practice as much as possible at home. Ask your child to give simple sentences and help them learn new words. Sound out the words slowly so they can hear all the sounds in a word.  It’s essential for literacy development! Have an absolutely amazing August, everyone!!! 




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