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As we jump into August

Time is flying by us so fast and it’s already a new month. 

I cannot express how much I am so grateful to be here and grow with your children. Not only do I teach them, but they are also teaching me, as I get to know them and bond with them more. Every day is something new and exciting!

August has already been filled with such fun! We have been diving a lot into our creativity with our weekly themes! We have been tackling shapes, colors, and this week, it has been all about numbers and counting !! We have also been doing ALOT of sensory incorporated activities to stimulate our baby’s senses and fine and gross motor incorporated activities as well to get our muscles nice and strong. And we will continue to do so! Every day we are moving our wiggly bodies while doing something fun!

This month we will also be branching out and learning about our emotions, senses, and bodies! I’ve already cooked up some fun things for us to do. 

Also, a huge shout out to one of our babies for taking his first steps! It is such a big accomplishment, and he is zooming and walking throughout the room daily! We love it!

Thank you and Happy August!
Ms. Taylor 🙂




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