Babies in August

Bunny Baby small
We will be exploring our feelings in August and getting ready for the Fall

July was an exciting month, we saw some first attempts to crawl and stand, and we cheered on our babies every step of the way. 
Last month we were reading stories about rainbows, and we were exploring all the colors of the rainbow. We stayed with the flying theme and listened to some esoteric (heavenly) music that kept us calm all month. We explored some planets in our books too. 

This month in preparation for fall themes, we will be covering various themes surrounding the ending of Summer! These themes will include temperatures, weather forecasts, singing rain songs, and incorporating fallen leaves into our crafts! We will explore sensory experiences with leaves of all colors and shapes. We will also learn to recognize our feelings. We will sing songs and practice facial expressions of happy, sad, surprised… Let’s see what babies can learn!

Important Dates:

August 26: Women’s Equality Day

August 29: National Sports Day




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