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Summer fun

June 2018 News!

You know Summer is finally here when temperatures climb to very hot 100F!

Now more than ever we are very grateful for our beautiful shaded backyard playground. We spend a lot of our mornings outside before it gets uncomfortably hot.

We planned a wonderful fun filled Summer for our “Happy Bunnies”.

We will be flying through space this week and next. Taking part in fun activities that are space travel related. I know that Ms May will show children some cool videos of space and planets and have a chat about different ways to travel to space. I can’t hear what children will say to that.

Ms Terrie will be finishing off her plants and flowers theme and moving onto space later this week. She ordered a lot of silver glitter – LOL – it will be very sparkly in our two year old room, I am sure.

Ms Alina and Sabrina will be painting black skies and create starry pictures with babies and older infants. We will be reading many cool books about space and astronauts these two weeks.

Our second and third week will be all about Dinosaurs and we will wrap up our June month with “Under the Sea” theme. Don’t forget, all daily activities are published on our babies days website, don’t forget to go and have a look.

Mr Doug will be visiting us also as usual every other week. His music lessons are always very popular.

I’ll be giving out our monthly calendar, so don’t forget to pick a copy from tomorrow.

Please don’t forget to give your kiddos sunscreen and hats. If you forget your water bottle, don’t worry just let us know and we will lend you one. It is very important that children stay protected and hydrated. We are planning to start some learning walks with the older children, when that happens we will let you know.

There are no closure dates in June, we look forward to seeing you every day on your booked days.

Please don’t forget that for part time children, we now allow swaps and you can also book individual days. Just e-mail Magdalena at [email protected]




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