July Super Silly Fun with Words

Summer Fun

We opened a new classroom in June, so some children are ready to make new friends in our new Pre-K 3 classroom.

In July, we will continue with our All About Me theme throughout the month. Right now, we are tagging along with the Pre-k 4 group with topics like Under the Sea, Sports, and Theatre. We will be doing lots of body movement activities because it’s hard to stay still when you are bursting with energy!

Our goal is to maximize fun and to learn together. I’m introducing the magical talking cone to help practice our speaking and listening skills. Look out for LOTS of arts and craft masterpieces of finger painting and collages.

It’s always lots of fun to expose your children to as many words and sound games as possible! For example, help them think of words with a certain sound at the beginning or end of a word, like /s/ in chess. Reading books together every night is always a good idea, and using poems and songs to practice stretching words so you can hear all the sounds in a word. Phonemic awareness is the foundation of literacy development!




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