Fall Is Here!

Wowsers Summer is come and gone already, I can hardly believe it.

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October brought us into a whole new set of adventures and learning fun.
Last month we visited with Pirates and discussed foreign lands. We talked about how some of our students and their families are not originally from the USA. Please stop and see the wonderful photo exhibition created by Melanie’s Grandmother and mom of their real life trip to Gram pa’s house in Peru. Back when Ms. Kelly did it, it was a two day trip by donkey or mule. Grandma says that now it is ONLY a 1 day trip as a road has been built half way through.  A one full night of travel by truck and one full day of horseback or donkey.
We also discussed Autumn veggies and what we might be eating in the fall. Since Fall is now upon us we will revisit this subject again and again throughout the next few months.

This month we continued with our While You Were Sleeping theme, A lively look at animals that will spend months underground in burrows or caves to avoid the long cold winters. This has followed by two weeks of Classic Stories. A brief encounter with our best loved folk tales and classic book collections that all children should be acquainted with.  Many of these books are available for free in Kindle format and other online sources.

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Books that we will be reviewing will include stepping through the looking glass into Wonderland with Alice, avoiding black panthers in the Jungle (book), flying with Peter Pan, and eating fruit with our favorite Caterpillar. Check out our short term plans under Planning on Baby Days for all our books and activities. 

We have been visiting Spooky town and will cerebrate Halloween fun in our final two weeks of October. During our exploration of pumpkin patches and sleepy hollows we will also be discussing home and road safety. Fire drills in the home might be a request your child makes during this time, do you have a fire safety plan in place? We will also be discussing travel safety tips for both pedestrian and bicycles which will include the use of reflective tape, battery torches, and glow sticks. Do you walk with your child holding their hand on public roads? What are your safety guidelines for parking lot and sidewalk travel?

During the last two weeks we encourage children to attend school in costumes of their choice (please make sure that they are able to go to the bathroom on their own while in costume and provide a change of clothes in case they get tired of their attire). We will have a holiday celebration on the last Thursday of the month, so check out the blackboard on the white desk as you enter the classroom for child created suggestions and ideas of what to bring for this event. 
Happy Fall and October from your Happy Bunnies Staff




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