Daycares With Cameras – 5 Things To Consider

Finding the best daycare for your little child can be very tricky. You are going to consider a lot of things. There are two critical things you must to consider- quality and security. How secure is this daycare?
Daycares with cameras – is this what you need?

It can be a scary day for parents when their child starts to enter a daycare center.

We believe something you should look out for in a daycare is a security camera system – but one that protects the children by not being accessible online.

The benefits of having daycares with cameras are enormous: not only do they provide a sense of security for parents, but they also serve as a valuable tool in case there’s an accident or something goes wrong. These cameras mustn’t be connected to the internet, and there will be no unauthorized access, so management can only view images under strictly controlled circumstances. 

It’s comforting knowing that if anything happens at school (or even on the way to daycare), cameras will capture it all.

You must confirm each daycare’s webcam security. It is not only for parent satisfaction but, most importantly, children’s safety.

Benefits of Daycares with Cameras

Daycare is a place where many children need supervision and care. This setting can be challenging to monitor at times because the staff cannot be everywhere at once. That is why it is essential to have cameras in child care centers that allow constant monitoring of every area. The use of these cameras helps ensure that each child gets the attention they deserve and gives parents peace of mind when dropping off their children for childcare services.

When it comes to your children, you want the best for them. Whether that is a private or public daycare center, you are going to want daycare cameras installed.

Daycares with cameras are very important so that parents know what happens when they cannot be there, and employees can ensure the safety of every child involved. Parents trust daycares with their children; daycares should do whatever they can to provide an incredible experience for all kids at care.

Monitor Action

It is impossible to overstate the significance of installing actual cameras as a reliable security precaution. You will benefit from daycares with cameras.
Real cameras are beneficial since they allow you to keep track of the actions of individuals who come to your house or workplace and the events in these locations. Installing cameras is an excellent method of identifying suspicious individuals and keeping track of their actions.

Gather Evidence

Installing cameras in strategic locations is useful when you need to keep track of people’s activities and remarks or to watch an event. Modern security cameras can record audio as well as high-definition video. They are more efficient than ever before when capturing a sequence of events because of the crisp pictures and perfect sound they produce. As a parent, you’ll be more comfortable if you choose daycares with cameras.

A legal situation in which an eyewitness may have forgotten an essential detail or maybe giving an accurate account of what happened is especially advantageous. The legal authorities can observe the sequence of events as they happen, thanks to surveillance cameras.

Making The Right Decision

This is also one of the benefits of daycares with cameras. Using footage captured by security cameras may be very beneficial in making accurate and fair choices when resolving conflicts. Using a digital camera may help you put your concerns to rest while dealing with situations involving disputes within our daycare.


Unlike some daycares with cameras, we don’t make the cameras public, so you can trust that nothing seen will be shared with anyone other than the daycare center.

At daycares, it is also essential to have daycare camera confidentiality among children and parents. The daycare should not show footage from these security cameras to unauthorized individuals because they could potentially compromise privacy between students, parents, and staff. We don’t believe in giving password access to the camera and, in fact, our cameras are not accessible via the internet at all.

It is essential not to overlook daycare cameras as a necessary component of child care because it ensures every child who attends daycare services while giving parents peace of mind knowing their children are in safe hands when they cannot be there. Parents want only the best for their kids, which includes daycare with cameras.

Secure for Your Child. Peace of Mind for You.

Adding security cameras can give you an increased peace of mind. If ever there is a play incident, we are able to go back and reivew exaclty what happened. The footage from these security devices will not be shown to anyone without a proper need to see the images. Only authorized individuals are allowed to see all of our restored recordings.

Every Corner is Secured

Every corner, hallway, classroom in our child care center has a camera installed. It is a very secure environment, so parents feel safe leaving their kids here.
It is essential to have high-tech daycare cameras installed in every corner of the daycare facility so that every angle is covered. Having cameras installed in every corner of our Happy Bunnies helps make daycare time even safer.

We make daycare cameras available with parents’ consent, but we do not show footage from these security devices without permission. Every webcam in daycare is in perfect working condition and has the most up-to-date technology installed unlike any other daycares with cameras around Texas.

What Parents Say About the Oak Hill Preschool

Happy Bunnies is a wonderful environment for children to learn and grow. The staff are professional and caring with the experience, energy and understanding needed to give children the best possible experience. I see nothing but smiles and bright faces every time I visit!

Douglas Gene

Happy bunnies is an amazing, caring, clean, and fun environment for kids. My two year old flourished and grew his whole time with happy bunnies and learned valuable skills and life lessons. Every teacher really cared for our son as if he was their own and we felt it every day. They also have an excellent communication app.

Andrea Leblanc

I have an 18 month old boy who has been attending school here since he was 3 months old. He loves his teachers and they love him back. He learns so much every day. It is amazing. Everyone at the school is so caring. They even put a misting system up so the kids can spend a little more time outside. Highly recommended.

Nick Kriofske

It’s not only because we’re one of the daycares with cameras here in Austin but parents are also really grateful for choosing us as we provide only the best for their children. To know more about us, feel free to check what parents are saying about us on Facebook.

FAQs about Daycares With Cameras

Can we view the recordings if we request so?

Only Director Magdalena MacLeod has access to the images.  However, if you are a parent at the school and have a need to review time your child spent there, Magdalena will be happy to go over this with you.

How long do you keep the recording?

Digital video recorders operate at our school in real-time.

Images shall be reviewed by the designated data controlling officer first. We will keep all the recordings for 14 days from the recording date unless they are needed for further investigation.

Where are the cameras installed?

Cameras are installed in the following locations inside our school premises.

✔ Every Hallway

✔ Every Classroom

✔ Entrances to the building

✔ Children’s Toilet

Although every effort has been made to ensure that the camera system is as effective as possible, every daycares with cameras cannot guarantee that camera will detect every incident within its coverage area.



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