The Best Ways To Make Christmas Decorations With A Toddler

Toddler Decorating Christmas Tree

Christmas Decorations with a Toddler

If you want to make Christmas magical, there are few things better than Christmas tree decorations with a toddler.

Home-made art is the perfect way to make unique Christmas decorations, and it turns out to be so beautiful.

Make it fun – but keep it simple.

So, this Christmas holiday, decorate a boring table with a Christmas tree and tabletop. Paint some pine cones. Cut some card into Christmas tree shape. Write your name on it. Or, if all else fails, go mad with stickers!

Christmas Ornaments for Children = Simple Arts and Crafts

You can build a Christmas tree with some basic shapes with a pre-schooler with a few pieces of paper and a little glue and glue.

Girl Making Christmas Craft

If you have children interested in Christmas crafts, these DIY Christmas ornaments will surely interest everyone. This is a great Christmas crafting for kids because it’s simple (can be messy!), and they can do it all by themselves.

Don’t forget those simple pre-school paper necklaces that make you love them. The principle here is the same.

Your children of all ages can get involved here – you gauge the complexity to suit their ability.

If your little ones are younger or don’t want to overdo it with the card decorations, you can opt for stickers directly onto the Christmas tree. That is always fun and easy (and involves minimum mess).

You can make it a bit more fun with some cheap home-made trinkets to fill your tree. You can buy boxes of these online and then either decorate them with your child – or add stickers to them too. It would mean a lot to them if they did it!

When you’re ready to apply them to the tree, get them to work on the low branches while you cover the upper stories. Ideally, it’s a good idea to have 2 adults so someone can watch the kids at this point. You might not be able to see when you’re at the top.

Hand Paint Decorations with Your Children

Christmas Pine Cones

Make these cute decorations from pine cones. It’s simple and easy to make – home-made tree decorations like this for your children. All you need is a little spray paint, a little glue, and apply everything, and you will have a delightful DIY Christmas decoration.

You can personalize your child’s name, place it on a folded Christmas tree card. When Christmas is over, keep the decorations for next year’s tree – and decoration events.

Tree Safety Tips when Decorating with Babies & Smaller Toddlers

Consider putting a baby gate around your Christmas tree to prevent your child from reaching the decorations if you have smaller children. You can decorate the baby gate with stickers and tinsel – though you do have to make sure they can’t grab and eat it if they are very small.

You can decorate the tree with plastic or soft ornaments – especially on the lower branches.

Always keep electrical wires and Christmas Tree lights well out of reach.

If you are decorating the top of the tree, get someone else to watch over the children. Make sure you’re standing on a suitable stepladder that’s secure and will not fall (or push the tree over).

Make sure the tree itself is secure – children tend to grab hard on the branches. If you don’t have a gate around, be sure not to leave smaller kids near the tree unattended. You don’t want them to go climbing!




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