Here’s What To Look for in the Best Daycare In Austin

In the majority of United States-based families, all of the adults work. And, while they do so, they need someone to watch their children. 

Of course, as a parent, you don’t want to send your child to just any childcare facility. Our city has a slew of options, but you want the best daycare in Austin.

Here’s what you should look for—and why we think Happy Bunnies fits the bill.

1. The Best Daycare in Austin Will Have Good Reviews

Whether you ask a friend or seek out reviews online, you want to find a place that’s well-regarded by the families who go there. Knowing others have had a positive experience should reassure you as you enroll your child. Click here to see Happy Bunnies parents review our childcare programs in the Austin area.  

2. Daycare Staff Will Openly Communicate With You

Another must-have in an Austin childcare facility: open communication. When you tour daycares in Austin, you’ll get an idea of their communication style. Will they send you updates on your child’s activities throughout the day, for example? 

Knowing your child’s caretakers will be open and honest with you will give you peace of mind. We send photos during the day to our Happy Bunnies parents to see what their kids are doing and learning.

3. Cleanliness Will Be a Priority

Next up, you will want to ensure that hygiene and cleanliness are at a high standard when you tour potential daycares in Austin. If the place is sparkling and well-organized, the staff can easily access what they—and your children—need. The best way to ensure the facility is to your standards is to book a tour and check it out. 

4. The Best Daycare in Austin Will Have Structure

You don’t want to pay for preschool in Austin and get babysitting instead. So, make sure your chosen facility has a solid curriculum. Research shows that the right amount of structure is vital to your child’s learning and growth.

At Happy Bunnies, we have a plan in every classroom, every day. Babies get a designated caretaker to ensure their needs are consistently met. Older kids get the chance to play with each other, communicate and collaborate, building the skills they need to succeed when it’s time to go to school. 

5. Safety Should Be a Priority, Too

Your chosen nursery school in Austin should make it clear how they will keep your child safe. It starts with the staff-to-student ratio, of course. You want to make sure your child gets the attention they need throughout the day. 

But you should also find out about the building’s security. Who’s allowed into the building? How will the staff ensure that only your designated caretakers come to pick up your child? 

Talk to the daycare staff about their safety measures. You can learn more about Happy Bunnies’ high standards on our website

Happy Bunnies Does All of This and More

If you’re searching for the best daycare in Austin, these five qualities are some of the must-haves. At Happy Bunnies, we can offer you all of them and more, which means you’ll feel nothing but confident to entrust us with your child’s care. They’ll be happy to spend their days with us, too—and there’s no better feeling than knowing your little one is just as content as you are. 

So, click here to book a tour and come see us. We’d love to welcome you and your child into the Happy Bunnies family.




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