Firefighters Visited Happy Bunnies

Fun Activities On November

October and start of the Fall season is always very exciting and full of WOW – Fun Activities.

We are not only learning about harvest and fall colors, but we were also talking about safety and most importantly fire safety. Children see signs in their neighborhoods advertising Burn Bans, but do they really know what it means? Also, what do we do when there is fire?

Our school does regular Fire Drills, so safety is something children are always reminded of but seeing an actual fire truck with real fire fighters was a next level WOW experience.  Children were able to talk to actual firefighters, they answered safety questions and watched the fire truck with its lights and siren on.

They watched the city of Austin firefighter to put all of his protective gear on, including his mask, helmet and the oxygen canister. Did you know firefighters sound different when they put their gear and mask on?

Day Care Center Austin, TX