Creating Pumpkin Cookies At Happy Bunnies

In this activity, our little learners work together to create pumpkin cookies. They explored various areas of learning, such as team building, sensory, home economics, and fine motor skills.
We first discussed the healthy ingredients we would be using to create our cookies (organic pumpkin purée, oats, and organic maple syrup), and why choosing healthy food is important for our bodies.
The children took turns adding in the ingredients and using their fine motor skills to mix them together. After all the children assisted with mixing, the teacher put the cookies in the oven.
After the cookies were finished baking, all of the children were able to taste the product of their hard work during their afternoon snack. They all loved it!
Picture of Kaleigh Wenzloff

Kaleigh Wenzloff

Teacher - Room Lead 24-36 months

Day Care Center Austin, TX