WOW Activities 2022

Hi, Happy Bunnies Parents and Friends!

I am so excited; Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays are crackling in the air! Decorations are going up. Turkeys and Christmas trees compete for space on our walls and around the classrooms.

This month, we started a new ongoing competition among our teachers. Every two months, we evaluate and award the top 3 Wow activities we prepared for Happy Bunnie’s children.

This time around, we had a clear winner – Ms. Crissy prepared a science project demonstrating how harmful sodas can be to our teeth; you ask how? We did an experiment with an egg and soda soaked overnight. The next day, the children compared the hardness of fresh eggs and “soda” eggs.

Second place went to Ms. Danielle; she prepared a farm activity for her infants, they were playing with farm animals in her edible mud, and they were washing them all in clean and soapy water. I love how she managed to incorporate all areas of learning into one single activity. Not an easy task with infants.

Our third place was awarded to Ms. Kayleigh; she prepared cookies with her children, discussed healthy eating, and did some scientific measuring with the toddlers. They were all rewarded with tasty cookies at the end of the day.




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