Welcome to The New School Year 2019!

This month brings us new students and the wistful farewells to our parting children. We are back to school and ready for the new school year.
This year we will continue with the Summer Camp tradition of carrying most of our themes for two weeks. Our first theme is Harvest/Autumn and we will be discussing what we will see here in Texas and touching upon what is happening elsewhere in this country during this seasonal change. We will be talking about winter veggies and starting our own winter garden next week.

Our next theme in September is Pirates and if your child has pirate garb, be sendin them ta school in thar gear, as we be takin Pirates right serious. What did pirates eat at sea? Did they go to school? How old were they? What languages did they speak? We will be talking about life at sea, where we would go on a sea voyage, island life, and sea ports/trade ventures. We will also talk about mythical creatures of the sea such as the mermaids, Kraken, other sea monsters and what real life animals inspired these legends.

Our final week in September will be a one week theme of While You Were Sleeping, a brief look at hibernation and animal sleep patterns. We will be looking at animals who are nocturnal and those who thrive in the daylight.

We are going to be learning more basic sign language this semester and talking more Spanish/English in the classroom.
I hope we live up to your expectations!
Happy Fall from the Happy Bunnies Staff



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