Flexible to Your Needs

Happy Bunnies UK Grand Opening

Check the terms of other daycare centers and playgroups out there – you’ll find that most of them won’t flex on times or dates. Very few daycares allow you to swap days you would have missed otherwise.

We never consider the business side of our daycares and preschools to be our primary goal. Our parents have flexible needs and we therefore offer benefits no other place would.

Swap Sessions

At Happy Bunnies, we try very hard to work with you. When there’s a public holiday, for example, of course we do still have to pay our staff – just like any other daycare center. However, if you’d like to swap the session and we have a space, at Happy Bunnies we can do this for you at no extra charge.

Working to Your Hours

Uniquely, with us you can book one-off swaps, and we replace legal holidays. We accommodate parents with shift work patterns.

You can can book and use half day, three-quarter or full day sessions.

You will not find another childcare center offering such flexible terms of care.

If you do work shifts and need to drop-off or pick-up at unusual times, we can work with you. All we require is one week’s notice and we can move your children’s sessions around.

A Family-Run Learning Center

We are small and family-run so we try harder. Come and talk with us, to see what we can do for you.