Sunset Valley Daycare

For the perfect Sunset Valley child care, you’ll find Happy Bunnies Child Care School just a short trip along Highway 290.

We’re located on a quiet boulevard just behind the well known “Y” intersection with Highway 71. Scroll down for directions to Happy Bunnies from Sunset Valley, or see more about our Oak Hill location here, Barton Creek Daycare, Bee Cave Daycare.

About Sunset Valley

In September 1954, Sunset Valley was founded as a city, and a mayor was appointed. At the time of the city’s creation, state law required incorporating more than 1,280 acres of land in the city of Austin, Texas. 

Municipal services have been designed to include public schools, parks, public buildings, fire brigade, police, and fire protection. Besides basic services such as education, health care, roads, water, sewerage, city parks, and recreation, Sunrise Valley also offers additional services through the Municipal Park and Recreation Office.

The wonderful thing is that the sheer diversity of the neighborhoods means you can find the kind of lifestyle and aspirations that suits you. Some neighborhoods are very diverse, dominated by conscripted military personnel and people who earn their living in agriculture, fishing or the oil and gas industry.

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When you’re ready, book a tour of Happy Bunnies to come and see for yourself. This will let you meet Director Magdalena MacLeod in person, so she can answer any questions you might have.

We offer trial starter sessions – that will let you get to see just how well it could work for you.

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