Pumpkins Lovers

Older Babies learned all about Pumpkins today :jack_o_lantern: Using all 5 senses Touch,Taste,Feel,Smell, and Sight to learn the ins and outs about those weighted orange Pumpkins. 

We weren’t really sure about the inside but had a ball painting the outside using hand and eye coordination.

What color is the pumpkin?
What shape is the pumpkin?
Do you like the slimy texture?
How do you feel about the pumpkin?

New textures unlocked for sure today :white_check_mark:  but We will be displaying our pumpkins in the front for all to see! WOW!!:heart_hands: We are now Pumpkin Lovers :heavy_heart_exclamation_mark_ornament:

Picture of Miss Taylor

Miss Taylor

Teacher (Older Babies)

Day Care Center Austin, TX