Making Grinch Goo With Jello

In this activity we made Grinch Goo! I prepared red and green sugar free Jello and cut it into small cubes, we added a few drops of peppermint oil for smell.  We put it all together into one bin and let the children explore.

In this activity we used our 5 senses to explore this gooey mixture. We used our hands to touch this new textture, our noses to smell the peppermint oil, we listened to the different noises it made as we squeezed/slapped the jello, our eyes to look and last but not least our mouths to taste the yummy jello!!

We talked to children about the texture and gave them different description words, we also identified the colors green and red in both English and Spanish with them and had a few friends repeated.

Picture of Miss Danielle

Miss Danielle

Teacher (12-18 months Babies)

Day Care Center Austin, TX