Important Letter from The Center’s New Owner

Dear Parents,  Teachers and Friends of Child’s Way Learning Center,

Many of you heard already that Rebecca and Judy decided to retire and very kindly sold their daycare center to Happy Bunnies LLC. I’ll be taking over the center in January 2018. However, Judy and Rebecca will be involved in the running of the center for the first few weeks to make sure that the transition of the ownership is as smooth and seamless as possible.

My name is Magdalena MacLeod and I am the owner and operator of Happy Bunnies. I can only imagine that most of you have many questions about who I am and why I think I deserve to run this amazing child care center.

I was born in Slovakia (formally known as Czechoslovakia). I was born to a family that has been in childcare and teaching sector for generations. I trained as a day care – pre-school teacher in Slovakia and I have graduated the Pedagogical Academy in 1993 with distinction. I have spent my entire life working with children of pre-school age. In January 2008, my husband (Colin MacLeod) and I purchased our very first sessional / part time care learning center in England. In November 2011, we started our second very successful child day care center in Kent, England that we still own. This center looks after children from birth to 5 years of age.

When I heard about Child’s Way Learning center being for sale, I went to see Judy and Rebecca and I instantly fell in love with their place. I wanted to have a quick chat with these two wonderful ladies – but my visit turn out to be several hours long, simply because we had so much in common and could not stop chatting about children and how we can best care for them.

My ethos is simple, I love children and I want to care for them in an environment that feels as close to home as possible. Happy Bunnies offer childcare that is home away from home. We learn through play and we love and care for children like they are our own. I am a mom myself, my daughter Valerie is 11 and my son Eddie is 8. Both of them were cared for at my daycare centers in England. I strive to offer a very loving and fun childcare. Places I run must be as good as it gets and if they are not good enough for my children than they are definitely not good enough  for anybody else either.

Close partnership with parents is also very important to me and I will be holding a parent evening in early January 2018. I would love to see you there.

Usually I would organize a parent evening at least once every two months just to keep in touch, making sure you are happy and there is nothing that needs to be done or improved. However, I’ll be also managing the center on day to day basis so I should meet you all daily when you drop off or pick up your children.  Child’s Way learning center is your place as much as it is mine and any suggestions for improved care and learning are very welcome.

Last but not least, I would love to say that safety of your children is at the top of my list and I’ll be reviewing all the risk assessments and health and safety procedures. I am sure that the center is a very safe place already, however, if I feel that some procedures need to be updated or tightened, I will definitely let you know in advance.

I don’t want to write a massive letter as I know you are all very busy, however, please don’t hesitate to contact me by e-mail ([email protected])  if you have any questions before we meet in person.

I look forward to meeting you all in January,

Kind regards,




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