How To Say Goodbye

Hello, Happy Bunnies Parents and Friends,

Today, I want to introduce you to some goodbye techniques that should make your morning much easier and hopefully drama-free. We know that saying goodbye when you drop off your child at school can be challenging.

Try these suggestions to make this transition go more smoothly

Practice active calming so that your body language will communicate that all is well. Remember, your child is looking at you for guidance, if you are stressed, so will be your child.

At the time of drop off, validate your child’s feelings and reassure her that she is safe by saying, “Your face is telling me that you might be feeling scared. It’s hard to say good-bye. Breathe with
me (download calm). Ms. Magdalena is going to keep you safe while you are at school.” Avoid saying, “You’re okay”
as this will not validate the feelings your child may be experiencing.

Establish a connection ritual that you consistently do with your child at drop-off or a pick-up time. For example, say, “bye bye butterfly”

Or say, “see you soon, raccoon”
Keep phrases simple, consistent, and fun. You can later give your child a choice so he can feel more empowered.

As you walk away, envision your child as capable and able to handle his strong emotions. Continue your breathing, and wish him well.

And if nothing helps to calm your nerves, remember you can always message us and call us for updates throughout the day.




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