Frustrated Toddlers

Did You Know?
Toddlers are easily frustrated, and hitting is a typical result of this frustration. There are ways to help a frustrated toddler calm down and redirect hitting behavior.
Try this out!

Teach your child that hands are not for hitting. We teach our toddlers gentle hands, we show them how to relieve frustration by stomping his feet, flap his arms, or kick into the air.

We teach our toddlers positive things we can do with our hands like give a high five, clap or blow a kiss.

We redirect frustration. It really works. You can teach your child a “mad dance” that may include stomping, jumping and silly moves. Once your child starts dancing, he will likely be redirected from anger to silliness.
Teach your child to take deep breaths when ever he feels frustrated and angry.
When the stress is building, give your child some stress releaving activities such as play dough or digging in the sand…




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