5 Tips to Prepare Your Kid for Their First Day of Daycare in Oak Hill

Is it time for your little one to start daycare? That’s great news!

Daycare has been proven to make a positive impact on social, emotional, and cognitive development.

That being said, the first day of daycare can be a little bit confusing and potentially distressing for your kiddos. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways that you can help prepare them in the weeks and days beforehand!

Read on for five ways to prepare for the first day at Oak Hill’s Happy Bunnies daycare center.

1. Visit Us

Heading into the unknown can be scary for everyone, no matter how old! By visiting us or two before the first full day of daycare, you can help your child become familiar with our facility and caregivers. Coming to a place she recognizes will make her feel a lot less nervous when the time comes.

2. Speak Positively About Daycare

Our kids don’t just learn things like language from us. They also learn behaviors from us, and they can pick up on your emotions at a younger age than you may realize. If you talk about daycare in a nervous, annoyed, or negative way, your child will likely feel the same way, which is why it’s important to speak positively whenever daycare is mentioned.

3. Make Relevant Adjustments to Your Home Schedule

Daycare will certainly mark a change in your child’s daily routine. Will it change anything at home, like bedtimes, morning routines, etc.? If so, start making those adjustments a few weeks in advance so that they’re normalized by the big day.

4. Acknowledge That the Transition to Daycare Could Be Tough

Our little ones have complex emotions, and sometimes, it’s best to let them sit with their feelings. The truth is that the first day of daycare may be tough–for both of you! It’s okay to acknowledge that it will be hard and that you’ll miss each other, as long as you’re not dwelling on that fact alone.

How can you navigate this process? Saying things like, “I’m going to miss you so much when you’re at daycare, but then I get to come and pick you up!” is a great way to make space for the difficulty while staying positive.

5. Do Dropoff With Confidence

Once again, this moment is all about behavioral mirroring. It’s not uncommon for our newest little members to feel sad, shy, or nervous when you’re dropping them off, which makes it all the more important that you get through this part with confidence. Show them that there’s nothing to worry about by dropping them off with a big smile and leaving somewhat quickly–don’t worry, we know how hard it is to do this!

Preparing For the First Day of Daycare Can Make a World of Difference!

That first day of daycare is a big milestone for both your children and you. When you follow these steps to prepare, you can make that transition a little smoother for everyone!

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