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Babies Hands

Babies Hands How are you surviving this crazy Texas weather? One day is hot, then it’s cold, then it’s freezing, then we have almost 80F for

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Toddler Decorating Christmas Tree

Holiday Season Hello, Happy Bunnies parents and friends!I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! We wish you all the best for the New Year! Let

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Almost Christmas

Hello, Happy Bunnies Parents and Friends! We are almost there! Christmas is less than a week away! This week, our children will be enjoying Christmas

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Red Orange

Red And Orange Last week, we were learning about the color yellow.This week, we will move on to red and orange. As you can imagine, we will

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Thanksgiving 2023 Hi, Happy Bunnies Parents and Friends! It’s Thanksgiving this week! Are you ready? What are your family traditions for Thanksgiving? This week will be

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Opposite P2

Opposites Part two This week, we continue our discovery journey into positioning words. Last week, we learned the words – inside, outside, in, and out. This week,

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Opposites And Body Language Hello, Happy Bunnies Parents and Friends! Goodness, we will be busy this week! Our two-year-olds will be learning about Opposites, in and out, and

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Friends With Helping Hands Hello, Happy Bunnies parents and friends. This week is our final week of learning about helpful friends in our community. Some of you might

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