Toddler August News

August fun with our toddlers

Hello families! In July we covered some fun summer themed topics; Sports and Camping with the ABC’s. Our children had a wonderful time with these! Do not worry, we are working on our ABC’s all day every day. 

As we work our way through August we are going to be covering the topics of “Cooking in the kitchen” and “Back to school”. This will include activities such as food sensory (not for eating; just hands on play), using our imaginations to make “yummy creations” and things such as classmate team building activities. As always, we will continue to observe your toddlers to determine what we need to change in our daily routine. As your toddlers change, our daily schedule will change with them. 

As the temperatures continue to rise in Texas, we are monitoring closely daily weather forecast. We will go out more in the morning, if the weather permits, maybe later in the day too. But we will be out every day.  With that in mind, please make sure your children have a water bottle, sunscreen, bug spray and wear cool clothes with good shoes! And don’t forget the cool hat!

In the classroom we are taking part in fun activities that promote teamwork, sharing and building healthy relationships. We are always practicing using our kind words and gentle touches! Please continue to work on these at home as well. I am very excited to see what the month of August has in store for us!



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