February 24

February and Our Feelings


We are feeling it in February as we discuss emotions and how we should act upon the ways we express ourselves.
In January we visited different countries to talk about snow and winter weather in other places. We talked about winter celebrations and activities. We discussed weather and the rain cycles.

We will be talking a lot about Big School from now until August, preparing our children who are leaving us for the move to formal education and preparing our little ones for the loss of friends when they go.
We had a friendship valentine exchange on ThursdayFebruary 13th and have mini cupcakes with our Thursday friends. Our Valentine’s Day Party was a big success!

Friendship Day!

We had an eat red party on Friday February 14th to complete our valentine exchange and friendship party. We are planning on eating strawberries, watermelon, red apples, and raspberries.

Have you noticed your child talking in rhymes at home? As we continue with phonological awareness you might note that your child is clapping syllables and patting the tops of their heads for words in sentences.
Please, as always I ask, if you like our school and are happy with our performance.

I would ask that you go to our Facebook page, to yelp, google, or your favorite social media site of choice and leave us a review. These reviews are important to our school enrollment and will keep the cost of tuition down in the upcoming year. Currently enrollment is the ONLY funding this school has and the sole source for new resources in the classroom, maintenance on our facilities, and of course your teacher’s salaries. By assisting us to keep our enrollment up we can keep your future tuition cost down. Thank you, as always, for your continued support.
Happy New Year from your Happy Bunnies Staff


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