Pre-School News – November

November is here with  the colder fall weather which gave us a lot to talk about during our circle time.

Last month we visited classic stories and discussed our fantasy worlds. We also  discussed road safety and the importance of  holding an adults hand in parking lots, sidewalks, and when walking on the street.We will continue to discuss Autumn veggies and what we might be eating in the upcoming holiday. We will be having a holiday party on Tuesday November 26, watch for our party ‘want’ list for our LAND OF THE GIANTS feast. We will be featuring ‘small  food’ such as Brussel sprouts, Asian corn, Cornish game hens, fingerling potatoes… yes, small fingers should have small foods.

This coming month our themes will be Community Helpers and Families. We will be talking a lot about diversity and how different we are from one another…and yet the same. Our families theme will tie in with the upcoming holidays. Please feel free to talk to us about how your family celebrates the up coming holidays.

Please, if you like our school and are happy with our performance I would ask that you go to our Facebook page, to yelp, google, or your favorite social media site of choice and leave us a review. Thank you, as always, for your continued support.

Happy Harvest and November from your Happy Bunnies Staff