Bedtime is a Nightmare!

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We have several parents that are really struggling to get their children to bed in the evening. Guess what, you are not alone!

I want to share these clips with you. Supernanny is my hero!

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I am a parent too, and while I am a professional that “knows” what to do when children don’t behave, I can tell you – it all goes out of the window when it is your own child, and your “mommy” brain tells you to give in and cuddle your children, so they don’t cry. You feel worse than your child throwing a tantrum. Does that sound familiar?

My husband found following Supernanny’s bedtime routine much easier. So if you are struggling with your overprotective feelings, get your husband or family to help and support you.

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True story: My son refused to sleep in his own bed when he was two years old. I never had this problem with him before because my children were never allowed to sleep with us in our bed. (My husband’s cousin lost her baby due to co-sleeping, so I was paranoid from day one. )

I researched the topic and found Super nanny’s “Bedtime Technique” bulletproof. It worked! Night one, it took me 2 hours to get my son to sleep and 36 attempts. (I remember – I had a Facebook reminder the other day of the experience I shared with my friends. LOL)

Night two, it only took 3 attempts to get him to sleep. Night three, he went without complaining. The only time he was allowed into our bed was during big storms when there were thunder and lightning. I am not an evil mom; I let him “hide” in our bed. But the minute the storm was over, he went to his own bed again.

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Watch, let me know what you think, share if this worked for you, I would love to hear from you.

YouTube video
YouTube video



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