August News from Preschool PK-4

Summer fun in Preschool

Summer is in full swing…

…and we are feeling the heat. The heat index has now become an important part of our day. Last month in July, we finished up our summer camp theme, Sports, and had our theater theme. We celebrated the Fourth of July and then had a mini theater production of There Was an Old Lady.

This month, we will be celebrating Cooking’s themes, and as Summer Camp concludes, we will start up with Back to School. Naturally, we will be cooking a lot and discussing the difference between healthy and not so healthy food choices during our cooking week. I am making a list of the food we will do for our Kids in the Kitchen Summer Camp  Finale.
Some of the foods will include:

Breakfast Cereals, cheerios, fruit loops, rice Krispies, and apple jacks.
Pancakes made with gluten-free flour and homemade maple syrup (trees were grown on my mom’s farm and processed in Brattleboro by a family friend where it is sold locally). 
beef bologna
cheese (variety)
cookies, both stores bought and homemade in the class
gluten-free pasta (made from squash)
English muffins
beef meatballs
red and white sauces

We have started Yoga five days a week, and although it is only for 5-15 minutes a day, the kids seem to enjoy the activity. The Theatre theme last month is one of my favorites and if you have not gotten your LINK to our short puppet play, make sure you get that from Magdalena. 

We will have an End of Summer Camp Finale on August 13th and 14th. We will have a pancake breakfast on one day and a fruit salad party next.

Parents ask your child to write their name at home. If your child is not writing their own name for you yet, spend a few minutes each day helping your child form their letters. A little hand over hand goes a long way.

Happy August from your Happy Bunnies Staff



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