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Monsters and Pumpkins, Doug Brought it All

In a true Fall/Halloween fashion, Doug, our very own music teacher, played with our kiddos pretend games of monsters and pumpkin collecting. Yes, I know what a combination. One or the other, babies or pre-schoolers, they enjoyed it all!

Later, we managed to go out and enjoy our precious Fall sun.

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Happy Bunnies – Fall News

Doesn't time fly by when we are having fun! Fall is here and I can't wait to see all the lovely fall themed artwork that your little children will create these next few weeks.

Doug and His Music Lessons Doug's lessons will continue as normal every second Wednesday, this month his lessons will fall on the October 10th and October 24th. Kids love his little song and fun games - their voices are always very excited when Doug comes along.

Pizza Days We like to celebrate the end of fun filled week with a good pizza. This month, pizza is booked for October 12th and October 26th. All children will be offered some pizza so you might want to pack a bit less for your kiddos on those two days in October.

Baby Fun We have been signing up many babies over the last few weeks and we see no signs of new registrations slowing down anytime soon. As we are all getting to know each other, Ms Alina planned many new activities for the month themed "All About Me". We have been collecting family photos and displaying them for babies to enjoy. Babies love to point at them and repeat "Mama" and "Dada".

Mostly with older babies, we will be drawing around their hands and comparing their hand prints, we will be making art from their foot prints and if we can hold them still for a moment or two, we might even draw around their body. We can then talk about different shapes and sizes and how much fun we all have together. We will be exploring different ways to move, can we run, can we walk, can we jumb and can we crawl…..

Fun at Two Ms Elle is exploring colors for the next three weeks. We will be talking about colors all day long. Ms Elle prepared a fun art and craft activity where children will be sticking paper on a big template of a rainbow. Each day, different color so kiddos can learn all the colors of the rainbow.

I can't wait to see how kids will react to painting with frozen paint as popsicles. So much creative fun as well as sensory play, what a great idea that is Ms Elle. Ms Elle has prepared lots of painting ideas for the kids to do and explore how they can mix paint and create new shades of color. My favorite game though is the "Splat Painting" where children can throw baloons filled with paint and create new art on our large walpaper. Watch out for some pictures on baby's days - they will be priceless no doubt.

Pre-school Children Have fun filled circle time too. They always talk about different things we can see during the fall weeks and months, how nature changes and keeps our backyards full of beauty and surprises.

I know that our Pirate theme was very very popular so Ms May promised to bring the Pirate games back for few more days. Don't forget to check out Ms May's planning section of Baby's Days. Some of the most fun games most definitely must be sorting out the treasure box (on basis of color, shape, size). Pirate dressing up day, they will be singing and rhyming and maybe even changing popular songs to suit the pirate theme. So instead of "Row Row Row Your boat" we might just sing "Sail Sail Sail Your Ship".

Later we will be learning all about opposites, through creating "dark and light collage", exploring our "happy and sad" and how we know that someone is feeling happy or sad, big and small and full and empty. I see some experiments coming our fun way!

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Doug and His Music!

We had a wonderful day today with Doug, he comes every two weeks and has so much fun with the children! They were playing musical statues today and were listening to his fun kiddy songs.

We also learned different chords for the violin and he introduced us to his small keyboard as well.

Some kids had a go at his several musical instruments too. If you are part of our Happy Bunnies Family and your child attends, make sure you look at our Baby's Days diary, you will see some photos and videos.

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June News!

June 2018 News!

You know Summer is finally here when temperatures climb to very hot 100F!

Now more than ever we are very grateful for our beautiful shaded backyard playground. We spend a lot of our mornings outside before it gets uncomfortably hot.

We planned a wonderful fun filled Summer for our "Happy Bunnies".

We will be flying through space this week and next. Taking part in fun activities that are space travel related. I know that Ms May will show children some cool videos of space and planets and have a chat about different ways to travel to space. I can't hear what children will say to that.

Ms Terrie will be finishing off her plants and flowers theme and moving onto space later this week. She ordered a lot of silver glitter - LOL - it will be very sparkly in our two year old room, I am sure.

Ms Alina and Sabrina will be painting black skies and create starry pictures with babies and older infants. We will be reading many cool books about space and astronauts these two weeks.

Our second and third week will be all about Dinosaurs and we will wrap up our June month with "Under the Sea" theme. Don't forget, all daily activities are published on our babies days website, don't forget to go and have a look.

Mr Doug will be visiting us also as usual every other week. His music lessons are always very popular.

I'll be giving out our monthly calendar, so don't forget to pick a copy from tomorrow.

Please don't forget to give your kiddos sunscreen and hats. If you forget your water bottle, don't worry just let us know and we will lend you one. It is very important that children stay protected and hydrated. We are planning to start some learning walks with the older children, when that happens we will let you know.

There are no closure dates in June, we look forward to seeing you every day on your booked days.

Please don't forget that for part time children, we now allow swaps and you can also book individual days. Just e-mail Magdalena at Magdalena@happybunnies.com

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Summer Camp Fun

We have few more spaces available for our Summer Camp fun programs. You can book as little as one week or you can book your children for the who duration of the Summer.

We will be planing fun activities full of learning that will follow these themes:

May 30 - June 10: Space June 13 - June 24: Dinosaurs June 27 - July 08: Under the Sea July 11 - Jully 22: Cooking July 25 - August 05: Track and Field August 8 - August 19: Theater Arts

For more information and prices please call or e-mail Magdalena on magdalena@happybunnies.com. You can also book a tour using our new website interactive chat feature.

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Important Letter from The Center’s New Owner

Dear Parents,  Teachers and Friends of Child's Way Learning Center,

Many of you heard already that Rebecca and Judy decided to retire and very kindly sold their daycare center to Happy Bunnies LLC. I'll be taking over the center in January 2018. However, Judy and Rebecca will be involved in the running of the center for the first few weeks to make sure that the transition of the ownership is as smooth and seamless as possible.

My name is Magdalena MacLeod and I am the owner and operator of Happy Bunnies. I can only imagine that most of you have many questions about who I am and why I think I deserve to run this amazing child care center.

I was born in Slovakia (formally known as Czechoslovakia). I was born to a family that has been in childcare and teaching sector for generations. I trained as a day care - pre-school teacher in Slovakia and I have graduated the Pedagogical Academy in 1993 with distinction. I have spent my entire life working with children of pre-school age. In January 2008, my husband (Colin MacLeod) and I purchased our very first sessional / part time care learning center in England. In November 2011, we started our second very successful child day care center in Kent, England that we still own. This center looks after children from birth to 5 years of age.

When I heard about Child's Way Learning center being for sale, I went to see Judy and Rebecca and I instantly fell in love with their place. I wanted to have a quick chat with these two wonderful ladies - but my visit turn out to be several hours long, simply because we had so much in common and could not stop chatting about children and how we can best care for them.

My ethos is simple, I love children and I want to care for them in an environment that feels as close to home as possible. Happy Bunnies offer childcare that is home away from home. We learn through play and we love and care for children like they are our own. I am a mom myself, my daughter Valerie is 11 and my son Eddie is 8. Both of them were cared for at my daycare centers in England. I strive to offer a very loving and fun childcare. Places I run must be as good as it gets and if they are not good enough for my children than they are definitely not good enough  for anybody else either.

Close partnership with parents is also very important to me and I will be holding a parent evening in early January 2018. I would love to see you there.

Usually I would organize a parent evening at least once every two months just to keep in touch, making sure you are happy and there is nothing that needs to be done or improved. However, I'll be also managing the center on day to day basis so I should meet you all daily when you drop off or pick up your children.  Child's Way learning center is your place as much as it is mine and any suggestions for improved care and learning are very welcome.

Last but not least, I would love to say that safety of your children is at the top of my list and I'll be reviewing all the risk assessments and health and safety procedures. I am sure that the center is a very safe place already, however, if I feel that some procedures need to be updated or tightened, I will definitely let you know in advance.

I don't want to write a massive letter as I know you are all very busy, however, please don't hesitate to contact me by e-mail ( magdalena@happybunnies.com)  if you have any questions before we meet in person.

I look forward to meeting you all in January,

Kind regards,



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